With school back in session, it’s time that we paid some focus to where our kids spend most of their time. For many homeowners, the school district is a major determining factor in where you live, how much you will pay, how long you will live there, and what kind of house you can afford.

For Austin waterfront properties, the Eanes Independent School District has the distinct pleasure of serving students located in the West Austin area.

If you are looking to move into the Eanes ISD, check out some of our featured properties for sale in West Austin, Lake Travis, and Lakeway.

Eanes ISD 2016 - 2017 Academic Calendar

For those who attend schools in Eanes ISD, there are plenty of school holidays, ISD events, meetings, and more to stay on top of. We’ve created an interactive Gcal for Eanes ISD District Holidays, events, and more. You can also view all Eanes ISD calendars by school.

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Eanes ISD Events Calendar

Westlake High School Calendar 

West Ridge Middle School Calendar

Hill Country Middle School Calendar

Valley View Elementary School Calendar 

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Eanes Elemetary School Calendar 

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Eanes ISD Map

The Eanes ISD is located in West Austin, bordered by Lake Austin to the east, and north, Barton Creek to the west, and Travis Country to the south. It spans the major thoroughfares of Bee Cave Road (F.M. 2244), Capital of Texas Highway (Highway 360), Westlake Drive, Mopac (Highway 1), and Barton Creek Road.

Many prominent neighborhoods are located within the Eanes ISD boundary including Westlake, West Lake Hills, Rollingwood, Lost Creek, Davenport, Rob Roy, Barton Creek, Lake Austin, and more.

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Eanes ISD Schools

Barton Creek Elementary 

Located at 1314 Patterson Lane near the neighborhoods of Palomino Ridge and Barton Creek West, Barton Creek Elementary is a premiere elementary school that feeds into Westlake High School. The students regularly perform above average, ranking better than 97% of other elementary schools in the state, sitting 3rd in the district.

  • Student Teacher Ratio: 12.5
  • GreatSchools.org Rating: 10/10
  • Number of Students: 500 - 600
  • State Ranking: 113th

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Bridge Point Elementary 

Bridge Point Elementary is located near the 360 Bridge and Austin Country Club along Highway 360 where between Westlake Drive and Lake Austin. It is another high performing elementary school, with students performing an average standardized test score of 92. It is the second highest performing elementary school in the district. It is also the largest in student body size in the district.

  • Student Teacher Ratio: 13.7
  • GreatSchools.org Rating: 9/10
  • Number of Students: 700 - 800
  • State Ranking: 89th

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Cedar Creek Elementary 

Cedar Creek Elementary is located near the intersection of Highway 360 and Highway 1 (Mopac) right across the street from Hill Country Middle School. This elementary school serves residents of Bee Cave, Barton Creek, and Rollingwood. Among Eanes ISD elementary schools, it has the smallest student body and is ranked 5th out of 6.

  • Student Teacher Ratio: 14.2
  • GreatSchools.org Rating: 9/10
  • Number of Students: 400 - 500
  • State Ranking: 129th

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Eanes Elementary 

With a large student body and a low student/teacher ratio, Eanes Elementary School is one of the best performing elementary schools in the state. Students at Eanes Elementary have an average standardized test score of 90 and the school performs above the 95th percentile among elementary schools in the state of Texas. Located along Bee Cave Road (F.M. 2244) the school primarily serves the residents of West Lake Hills.

  • Student Teacher Ratio: 12.6
  • GreatSchools.org Rating: 10/10
  • Number of Students: 600 - 700
  • State Ranking: 176th

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Forest Trail Elementary 

Located near the neighborhoods of Westlake Oaks, Lost Creek, and West Lake Hills, Forest Trail is a top performing elementary school in the state. Students on average score just above 93 on state tests and the school as a whole ranks better than 98.9% of other elementary schools in the state.

  • Student Teacher Ratio: 12.8
  • GreatSchools.org Rating: 10/10
  • Number of Students: 600 - 700
  • State Ranking: 46th

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Valley View Elementary 

Located right next to Forest Trail Elementary school, the two campuses form one of the largest elementary campuses in the county. As a high performing campus, Valley View performs better than 97% of elementary schools in the state and with the lowest student/teacher ratio of any other elementary in the Eanes ISD.

  • Student Teacher Ratio: 11.7
  • GreatSchools.org Rating: 9/10
  • Number of Students: 500 - 600
  • State Ranking: 119th

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Hill Country Middle School 

As one of the two middle schools in Eanes ISD, Hill Country Middle School serves residents of Rollingwood and West Lake Hills and all residents on the eastern side of West Austin. With a low teacher/student ratio, Hill Country Middle School offers a great education for their nearly 1000 students. As a whole, the school performs better than 99.1% of other middle schools in the state of Texas

  • Student Teacher Ratio: 15.3
  • GreatSchools.org Rating: 10/10
  • Number of Students: 900 - 1000
  • State Ranking: 18th

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West Ridge Middle School 

Serving students west of Highway 360 in the West Austin area, West Ridge Middle School is a moderately sized school district that performs in the top 30 middle schools in the state. The students on average perform a 92 on standardized test scores.

  • Student Teacher Ratio: 12.8
  • GreatSchools.org Rating: 10/10
  • Number of Students: 800 - 900
  • State Ranking: 29th

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Westlake High School 

Westlake High School is the pinnacle school in the Eanes Independent School District. As the only high school in the Eanes ISD, all the other school feed into it. Westlake High School has a phenomenal sports program and top notch academia. It performs higher than 98% of other high schools in the state of Texas, with students receiving a standard test score of 83. The Washington Post recently ranked Westlake High School as 136th in the country.

  • Student Teacher Ratio: 14.7
  • GreatSchools.org Rating: 9/10
  • Number of Students: 2600
  • State Ranking: 30th

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Eanes ISD Fun Facts

Westlake Middle School

Contrary to popular belief from non-residents there is no Westlake Middle School. We get that question a lot. If you’re looking for middle schools in the Westlake area or in Eanes ISD, your best bet are West Ridge Middle School or Hill Country Middle School.

Snow Days

Eanes ISD allows for one snow day makeup at the end of the

Eanes Skyward

Eanes ISD offers family access for the families of students. It’s called Eanes Skyward and it is a software package that allows teachers and parents to collaborate on their students.


Famous Students

Plenty of famous students have come and gone through the halls of Eanes ISD. Here are just a few:

  • Drew Brees - Super Bowl winning quarterback for the New Orleans Saints
  • Huston Street - closer for the Los Angeles Angels
  • Nick Foles - Quarterback for the St. Louis Rams
  • Ross William Ulbricht - founder of the Silk Road
  • Scott Spann - Olympic swimmer
  • Camila Grey - lead singer of Uh Huh Her
  • Paul London - professional wrestler

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